First blog post

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Hello again 😊

It’s been a while I came up here, and I’ve missed reading beautiful posts. My presentation topic was changed and my group and I are supposed to talk on

The biological relevance of plant phenolic.

And so far I have discovered a lot about it, and I’m so excited to go on another ‘plant biochemistry’ adventure. My previous topic

The bacterial cell wall and viral coat are important but not necessary,

Was a lot of fun, but there was no opposing team for that. We have an opposing group now, and it’s going to be a debate!

The first four groups presented and argued on Valentine’s Day and that was literally the best Valentine I’ve had!

I do have a problem with speaking in front of an audience, but I’m working on that.

And if you can help… 👇

What are the biological importance of plant phenolics? And what harm can they cause?

Nothing I love more.


I love listening to India Arie, her songs are beautiful.

Today “Nothing I love more” is on repeat, and I can’t help but think about everything and everyone I love.

Ever thought of all the people you love and wondered how your life would be without them? Ever said to yourself “I should appreciate this person I love more”? Well it’s Sunday! And there’s nothing stopping you from saying “I love you” make them smile 😊

The first verse goes;

I love piano,
As if I were a string.
I love Seattle,
As if I were the rain.
Just like the melodies of Stevie Wonder
Go with the beat of my heart.
Just like the lightning goes with the thunder
Signed, sealed, delivered, I’m yours.
Because there’s
Nothing that I love more than you
Nothing that I love more.
There’s nothing that I adore like you
Nothing that I love more.

What do you adore more than silver, gold and riches untold?

This is my first post on wordpress.com and I’m so excited 💃 I’ve always thought of creating my own blog, but for the past 4 years, I told myself “it wasn’t going to happen”, well it happened 😂 I don’t have readers yet, sigh, but I hope to get some soon.


This is my second year In the University, and it has been quite stressful. School resumed last week, and Few days ago, our lecturer, taking a plant biochemistry course, announced that our class will be given a presentation on assigned topics. We were placed In groups of seven individuals, with over 200 students taking the course. The topic assigned to my group; “THE BACTERIA CELL WALL AND VIRAL COAT ARE IMPORTANT BUT NOT NECESSARY, PROVE IT!”.

Was I frustrated? A little. But is it fun Hell yeah!

Yesterday, sadly I got nothing. But today! Today I stumbled upon a blog that talked about a research done at Newcastle and I was amazed at the findings. The way the cells split up to form other cells is simply fascinating.

I’m not a very smart science student, probably not what you’d expect a science student to be like, but I appreciate its beauty. I love reading about cells, the structure the function. I have issues with chemistry though. But I’m going to get a tutor for it.

What do you think? Can a bacteria survive without it’s cell wall? Why do you think So?